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For whatever was written beforehand, was written for our instruction, so that through patience and through the exhortation of the Scriptures we would have hope. And the God of patience and of comfort would give us to set our minds on one another according to Messiah Y'shua, so that since you are of one mind you should glorify the God and Father of our Lord, Y'shua Messiah, with one voice.

                                                                ~Romans 15:4-6  "One New Man Bible"


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A Pastor's plea:

16th day of the 12th month, Adar, of the year 4775 or 6013

(February 17,2014)

Please pray for "Just a Thought Ministries"

located in St. Louis, MO

Pastor Gloria Young-Love, My Sister and Friend

A Pastor's plea:

I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.......
I, have a testimony also from what God has done for me and how He delivered me from and brought me to His marvelous light.
God has a everlasting Gospel that needs to be preached. He has a worldwide Church and honestly Emma the only reason the Gospel has NOT reached the ends of the earth is because it is NOT being preached!!! We're too busy doing the worldly things! Because really, it only takes a minute to get the Word from one corner of the world to another.
I want a manifestation of as I said, the windows of heaven blessing that I don't have to worry about that, but that my main focus would be on preaching the Gospel.
Fear God and give glory to Him for His hour of judgment is at hand.
You must understand that I need those who will stand with me, and with "just a thought ministries" to come forth so that we can get the ball rolling on this end. I've been by myself in this for awhile, you have Paul, I want someone to share and walk with me here in my home town. Someone I could pray with, and someone to pour into me when I am weak.
I know that TRUTH will always be opposed but GOD!!!!
I WANT a blessing extraordinary, I desire such, and I believe I deserve such.........Lord, hear my cry and attend into my prayer......
Well, I am up in thought and prayer. Do me a favor, pray that my CD will come up before someone and they will contact me. You see, I have completed EVERYTHING God has put before me in the natural, now I NEED THE SUPER put on my natural.
Well, enough said. Eyes have not seen nor ears have heard what our God will do for those who love Him. My guest tho is this 'pour the Spirit on me' Hahaha!
Love ya Sis,...............Pastor Glo

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February 16, 2014.

Please be encouraged by this story that was shared in response to my "Sabbath Miracle" story, posted February 15, 2014. This shared event in Corey's live brought me to both tears and my knees, so I would like to first take a moment to share about the person who gives us this experience of his to share.


I am always searching for HONEST news. Especially news that is related to the prophetic events happening around us in these last days. I found such news through a young man named Corey Price, who does a report on http://cnmnewz.com/ . Corey, is a born again Bible believing anchor/journalist/investigator who found me on Twitter (how's that for an intro?) Corey expressed the desire to share his love for Yeshua/Jesus and share honest news with believers on my timeline. What a blessing his broadcast is. You would do well to check it out.

Corey's eagerness to share is just one confirmation from the Lord that this website is doing what the Father wants to accomplish in His will.

Thank You Corey!

From Corey:

Thank you for sharing and using your miracle to remind me of my responsibility in prayer. For you see it was just a little over a week ago my older brother passed out in his garage from drinking too much. He fell backwards hit his head against the vice mounted on his workbench then against the concrete floor. His wife found him in a pool of blood bleeding from his mouth, nose and ear. The trauma doctors confirmed he indeed broke his skull and the resulting trauma caused two bleeders in his frontal lobe.
Upon hearing of the accident I was immediately sorrowed to the point of tears and immediately rushed to the hospital to be with his wife and daughters. To comfort and pray for them and spend time with my brother. I was sure there was a medical issue and the thoughts of losing my brother made me so sad, wishing we were closer than we were.
After hours of waiting the trauma doctors finally came around, checked on him then led the family into the hallway. It was question and answer time. We were informed of the fracture and told it was the same bone that the carotid artery ran through but was not damaged. We were told that this bone also carried the auditory nerve and unfortunately this was damaged and there was nothing that could be done. So basically it was severe concussion and would take several months to recover from.
During our question time I asked what caused the fall? Was it the bleeders in the from that caused it? Was it his hypertension? Was there something else? No, said the doctor all test ran came out without any irregularities. From the labs and admitting report it appears he was just drunk and passed out.
I immediately went from compassion to anger. How could he do this to the family? How could he put his wife, daughters, our mother and father, ME through all this. I've held onto this until a friend I've never met Emma reminded me in her blog that Prayer is the answer. Much like her aunt Iris, I wasn't in the mood to pray for my brother. It was someone else's responsibility perhaps. I realize now it is my responsibility as well.
I'm not a prayer warrior like my friend Emma and you'll certainly not see my up until 1:30 AM. :) You should, however, know that the story of her aunt has brought me to the realization that my heart needs to change towards my brother and I need to pray a little more for him and his family.
He was released from the ICU just two days ago and admitted to an acute care facility for some rehabilitation. I can hear the stress on his wife's voice when we talk and know not having her "old" husband back will take some adjustment.
Emma, God does work in mysterious ways...sometimes it's all in the sharing of a story. Thank You!

In Christ,
Corey Price

Please feel free to share any comments about the stories being shared here. Your comments could be the next encouragement from the Lord for someone else.   Lets keep the spirit of encouragement going...

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February 15, 2014

Please be encouraged by the following blog that a friend posted  on yesterday at http://www.theregathering.com/ This family has moved to the other side of the world in obedience to Yah's voice. They have 6 children and 1 on the way. They have been and still are facing challenges that most of us will never have to deal with. This family is such an inspiration to me. I hope they inspire you too!

"Flying feet" . . .or is it "feat?"

  • Posted by Erez & Leanne Talshahar Wed at 4:21 PM - 32 views

    I know we've been quiet for the past several weeks, but this week has "taken the cake"
    as it were. I'll try to be concise (lol!) but please, please get to the end because the best is last.


    1. We had a meeting at the MInistry of the Interior to update my visa application. At that point we were still missing my criminal background check from the FBI (UPDATE: the fingerprints have been processed and are now on their way), but we had the filing fee, and the required biography and photos necessary to round out my application. A friend offered to watch half of the boys, so that the office visit would be a bit more manageable, so we headed off to the "football building" (as we call it because of its shape) to do a "drop off of documents" -- 30 minutes tops -- we thought.


    We started out with cushion time, but made the mistake of taking a new bus route that we were not familiar with. We didn't realize that we had missed the stop until we were half way up the mountain -- the office we needed was down by the ocean. So we got off at the next stop and hiked it down the mountain 15 minutes going over 40 degree slants and endless stairs -- Erez with a baby in the carrier in front and Judah on his shoulders! He laughed and said that this is how he keeps in shape! We got to the appointment waiting area with literally minutes to spare. It is ALWAYS like this with us -- right on time -- no matter how early we start!

    All went as planned -- to begin with.

    Then they asked Erez and the kids to leave. They had a "few questions" for me, but they assured me that I'd have an interpreter since I didn't know Hebrew well enough to answer in Hebrew.

    I was blindsided. They made no mention of this part of the application. The questions started out about my background and getting to know Erez -- pretty much the same things I'd put in my biography. But quickly they turned to religious issues. I kept repeating over and over, "we read and do the scriptures." She wanted a box to put me in -- but how could I say what is undefinable? I was a part of a Christian church early in my life and first several years of our marriage, then a Messianic congregation, but now -- we worship at home . . . something we've been doing since we were in Ohio. I didn't try to explain all the reasons and wherefores -- there was no point really . . . she didn't ask about Yeshua -- only what my congregational affiliation was. Then she turned the subject to Erez. She said that they had "information" on him . . . oh boy. I HATE feeling squishy inside -- and not knowing what to say. I decided in a split second of time to simply answer what I was asked and to not try to explain our position.

    When my questioning was done, they smiled and said, "Now we are going to interview Erez -- would you please step outside?" I whispered to him as he passed off the baby to me -- here come the questions . . .

    I prayed. I prayed. I prayed.

    Even as I fed the kids chips and bananas and pointed out boats and trains at the port down below, I prayed with great earnestness.


    Erez, on his part, recognized upfront what was going on. "You would like to talk about my faith? -- I have no problem sharing." The lady seemed hostile in attitude, exuding the unmistakable air of "I don't like you". But at that moment, a supernatural peace fell over Erez as he felt that the Spirit stood with him. He was as open and pleasant as possible, but when he began to explain his testimony, the fire of Yah took over. (Not that this isn't pleasant to those who are believers . . . ) At one point she asked Erez to quiet down because there were people working next door. (Anyone who has been around Erez during moments of excitement can imagine the effect.)


    When we compared notes later, we were amazed at how the Father matched up our testimonies . . . the bits that we told were even worded the same. He added the testimony of how he came to know Yeshua, his release from depression, suicide and addiction, and our journey back to Jewish things -- along with our trip to Ohio and our calling here to the land. The lady never discounted the miracles, in fact they seemed to affect her positively. The hostility stopped, and she went on to "just do her job".


    We left the office feeling whooped. No, it hadn't been bad, but the spiritual battle had been intense and unexpected, and our energy was depleted. It was only noon, but both of us had the strong urge to take a nap . . . only I got the luxury though later on that day.


    2. The evening after our office appointment, I was finishing up making dinner and realized that our pita supply had once again waned. I sent Erez to the local bakery around the corner to pick up some more. When he came back a few minutes later he was on the phone. I could tell that it was his business partner and that something was amiss.


      A few minutes later he came into the kitchen. "The Spain deal is a bust." I raised my eyebrow to him. "A total fraud . . . a rather complex, multi-person, international fraud". I didn't know what to say. Erez continued, "Praise God we were saved from sinking any funds into it or getting involved in anyway . . . " His business partner had the wisdom to get a lawyer on our side to take a look at the contract and do some checking. His lawyer asked another lawyer friend who did a bit more research and found out that there was identity theft involved and that a similar stunt had been pulled a year ago. There is little to be done in legal action though because of the international lines. Thankfully we didn't get involved so we lost neither money nor credibility -- only time. It was a 3 million dollar deal . . . that was not. I had so hoped for a stable home and a place to minister and entertain and a better set up for the kids and a garden and room to run.

    The tears began to flow as I realized the death of a dream. They didn't stop till approximately 24 hours later . . . well, they were on again, off again . . . sprinkled with questions and heavily salted with praise. We preached to ourselves the messages of God and His sovereignty. We'd done everything in good conscience. We'd stood for integrity, we'd asked Him to guide us along every step of the deal. We didn't understand why He didn't stop us along the way. Any warning signs were so obscure that we didn't recognize them, and even then they didn't occur till we were three weeks into the dealings.


    I was reminded of the battle in Judges where Judah sought the Lord on whether to commence battle with the Benjaminites. He said go up -- and they got slaughtered, Again the same thing happened, and again they asked. Again they were defeated. They came weeping -- why Lord? And he said go up and they got the victory. The "why" was not made clear, but I sympathized with those Judah-ites. We were certain this was the way to go . . . and we still are. So we've refrained from asking why . . . and instead asked "What is there to learn?"


    We've been shown that there were still some recesses of our hearts that thought that this job would provide for us, but that is the Father's role -- not man's. And there was still part of me, that held on to the dream of a large house with a white picket fence and a dog . . . a dream of stability in place, instead of stability in the Lord whether I have a place or not. I thought I'd dealt with this, but the knife had to cut deeper. We also learned the character of Erez's partner -- upright to the core. The kind of man that anyone would want to work with. And we learned who we don't want to work with -- scoffers, hypocrites, and general antagonists . . . even if they are legit in their business -- eventually their personal views will overlap their business dealings. We learned how to spot international fraud -- how to be more wise in our dealings. And as to the biggest question in our minds -- does this major event mean a closing off of this deal or all deals? We were given an answer -- Just as we were told clearly to take this job, we will be told clearly when it is time to leave the job. So we will continue on faithfully in the way we've been shown.


    The tears stopped as the sun fell at the end of Monday. I reflected to Erez  some time after the kids were down and quiet, "the sorrow is over . . . it is weird, as quickly as it came on, it is done." He had sensed the same thing at the same time I had earlier that evening (he had been at the store).


    3. The next day Erez had a meeting with his partner to talk about what direction to take next in the business. All went well, but the most spectacular event had nothing to do with business, but the opportunity to share the completed good news with him. He had somehow missed that Yeshua rose from the dead and that many witnesses were around to see it. He didn't catch the significance of this fact, and how it is the hope and joy of our salvation. Erez had the blessing of filling in the gaps, and he seemed quite receptive. Erez wanted to make sure that his partner hadn't confused those who had casually used Yeshua's name in their crooked dealings in the past weeks, with those who were true followers of Messiah. There was no confusion, however, because his partner had seen living proof of the difference, and from his own lips he declared -- "I know Erez, you aren't like them -- you're a good man" . . . the reply? Only because I serve a good God.


    4. So that brings us to today. It has been a crazy day, fighting, fighting, fighting against disobedience and deafness in our children -- more than norm. Fighting irritation. Fighting to submit in all areas. I struggled with accepting a position which once again left us with more questions than answers about what most people would consider basics -- where to live, what to do, where to go, even what to eat (just because I didn't have a meal plan prepared! ;-) )


    The kids didn't want showers -- sounds silly, but one child literally cried the entire time, repeating over and over -- "I will submit, God help me to submit, I will submit, God help me to submit -- I don't want to submit, but I am crucified with Messiah, so I no longer live, but Messiah lives in me . . . God help me to submit!"


    The afternoon became more peaceful since half the young ones were in bed and the other half were busy doing schoolwork. Then we got an invite to meet our only friends here in Haifa at the park. I asked Erez and he wavered on whether to go with us or not. Then David spoke up -- "five before six Daddy" (which means build your house before dominion -- the full explanation will have to wait for another time). In the end he decided to go, but as I walked into the family room to get my shoes I discovered that it was in MAJOR need of sweeping thanks to bunches of crayon wrappers all over the floor. The bathroom needed some attention too and we had someone coming to view the apartment in another hour or two. I sent Erez on ahead with the kids -- it would be easier to do the cleaning while the place was empty anyway.

    When I made it to the park, I noticed Nathanael wandering out in the walkway next to the train station (which is just beyond the park). I was getting ready to question him as to why he wasn't with his brothers, when I saw our friend. Elijah, my one year old, was close by at the fence trying to climb through. "What's going on?!"

    "That's what I want to know," our friend replied. "Erez jumped the fence to break up a fight over there (motioned to the train station) and I was wondering what happened."


    At that point one of the kids chimed in -- "Daddy Flew!" And another, "Daddy had flying feet!"

    "It was a good leap," our friend confirmed.

    Later the story came out. Erez had gone over to see what David was doing at the side of the park that faces the train station. He then saw two guys who looked like they were rough housing with each other. No mind -- it happens on a semi-regular basis here -- particularly between the 20-somethings. In an instant, the "playing" became real pushing, then punching. One guy was down on the ground and the other one going to town pummeling his face. Erez reacted when he noticed the escalation of violence by shouting out "ho . . ho . . . ho " (not like Santa Clause -- more like wait, stop -- in Hebrew "low" is "no" and it is blended with the "h" of "hey" -- sorry doesn't translate well!) So he was shouting and leaping over the fence that sectioned off the playground. Five or six others were also shouting at the two men to stop, but there was no effect on them.


    So then, in English, Erez yelled, "in the name of Yeshua, STOP!" as he put his hand out.

    One of the boys said that daddy threw the guy off the other one (because he saw the incident from the back), but Erez said, "no -- I did not touch him at all -- but the guy did fly backwards. It was as if some invisible person grabbed the assailant from the back and forcefully moved him off and back about six feet from the victim."


    The assailant walked away muttering curses and shaking his fist. The victim got up, but was stunned. He was bleeding heavily and ended up needing stitches. Erez tried to speak with him to see if he was okay, but he only spoke Russian. The other guy was Israeli, a Hebrew speaker.


    In the physical they wouldn't have responded to Erez's command to stop in Yeshua's name -- since it was spoken in English. And they didn't respond to pleas to stop in Hebrew. Our only explanation is that this was a spiritual battle and was stopped appropriately by spiritual means through the power of the name of our Messiah, Yeshua.


    We laughed, after the fact, at home because now we had not just spoken the name of Yeshua here in Haifa, but literally shouted it in the presence of a busy train station and playground full of parents and their children. The power of His name was called upon in front of everyone -- the military folk, the Orthodox waiting at the nearby bus stop, the seculars chatting on park benches, and the children on the slides. And all saw the tremendous power to stop an attack that would have certainly resulted in serious injury. The assailant had the look of death about him, and was frenzied in his fighting. No one else would step in, but the name of our Lord broke through.

    We believe it broke through in more than one way -- not just for these two guys, but for everyone who was within its hearing -- even for the stones and the dry parched ground.

    We had asked just hours before -- "what are we doing here? We have nothing we'd expected by now -- no settling down, no real home, no profitable job, no visible way of serving . . ." We were fighting the doubts and fears that often accompany questions that have no apparent answers. But this evening as we reflected -- Erez said -- "this is why we are here . . . to bring the peace of Yeshua to situations -- even violent ones -- through the power of His name."


    And thank you to all of those who stayed with us to the end of this e-mail/blog. I hope you were encouraged ;-)

    Blessings in Messiah / Yeshua!

    Leanne for the Talshahars

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