Spiritual Immune System

 A Place to Strengthen the Spirit through the Encouragement Found in Sharing

"Follow me and I will make you Fishers of Men..." ~ Yeshua Hamashiach/Jesus Christ

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Thursday, February 20th\20 AdarI 5774

I subscribe to different news letters that keep me up to date with news of the middle east, news related to prophecy and news that is truth based. This morning upon opening me email I was moved to tears by this blog in "the algemeiner". The blog is written by;

 Anav Silverman / Tazpit News Agency.  For the complete story, press on the links below:

Mother of Comatose Three-Year-Old Testifies Against Palestinian Rock Throwers

In March 2013, Adele Biton was critically injured following a Palestinian rock attack on her mother’s car, which also moderately injured her two sisters, Avigail and Naama. Palestinians had hurled rocks at the family’s vehicle on Route 5 near the city of Ariel, causing the mother, Adva, to crash into an incoming truck.

Won't you please join me in Prayer for Adele? I will be praying for Adele and other requests at 7:00pm ET, USA. Please set your alarms on your cell phones and stop to take a moment at 7:00 tonight and tell the Lord, Yahweh that you come in agreement for the restoration of this little girl's health and for justice to come for this family. Also, lets take the opportunity to pray for peace in the middle east and the protection and provision of Israel. Pray in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I know you all have 3 minutes to spare to do the Lord's will, for we are all called to pray for one another. Thank you and God bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Your bond servant in Christ, Emma
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February 20, 2014 ~ 19th day of the 12th month, Adar, of the year 5774/6013


This website has a multiple fold purpose, but to begin, it is a place to find PRAYER and ENCOURAGEMENT


I pray, through sharing and confessing my experience with you, you will be encouraged and want to share that encouragement with others


Think about the human immune system. It is a productive foundation continually feeding that keeps us healthy; the core unit keeping our physical body healthy. So let's take that to the next level, what is the core of that which keeps the spirit healthy; the "Spiritual Immune System", if you will.


Our body's immune system requires food and nutrition in order to be healthy and strong. Likewise, our Spirits need nourishment. Feeding our spirit will keep our relationship right with God and equip us so we can stand against Satan as well as life's heartaches and difficulties that come with this earthly existence, and might I add, better enjoy the good things our Father, Abba, sends our way.


A well-nourished spirit will enable one to experience a relationship with God that transcends any other relationship.

The Holy Spirit and Faith are two components of what I call, the "Spiritual Immune System", and both are God given. How you or I choose to care for them is up to the individual. Once source for care and instruction is God's Word. The Bible is full of good instruction, and together we just might learn how to apply some of His Wisdom to our lives.


Just as a well maintained immune system produces and increases the chemicals, hormones, processes, etc. for the human flesh to flourish, likewise a well maintained Spiritual Immune System increases faith and produces "fruit of the Spirit" (~Galatians 5:22) needed for our spirit and soul to flourish.

The Word is Food for the Spirit:


Romans 10:17  So then faith is from hearing, and hearing through the message from Messiah (Jesus Christ).


I hope you noticed that one affects the other. The Word of God produces faith. So if everyman is given a measure, it stands to reason that we are told we can have more through the message of Yeshua. Hallelujah, what good news!


I cannot stress enough the importance of abiding in the word of God. God instructs us to seek knowledge, and above all else Wisdom. The Scriptures are the God's perfect place to find exactly that, knowledge and Wisdom.

Saints, your prayers do not go up to Yahweh in Heaven, are answered and then forgotten; No, they are an offering unto the Lord that is kept for presentation until all the seals in heaven are opened then...


Daily Prayer Verse:

 Revelation 8:3

And another angel came and stood by the altar of incense, he had a golden fire pan (censer) and much incense was given to him, so that he could present the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which is before the throne.

Please go to the "Your Voice" page for a pastor's plea. I have known Pastor Gloria Young-Love of "Just a Thought" Ministries, located in Saint Louis, Missouri, for probably more than a year now. As my relationship has grown with this Woman Of God, I have learned that she loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart and she spends every one of her waking moments working to get the gospel out there. 

     This past year, in obedience to Yahweh, Pastor Gloria, changed worship days from Sunday to the true Sabbath (Saturday). Her already financially stressed congregation has waned and put this ministry in jeopardy.  Gloria is firm about hearing God's voice towards "Just A Thought" and is holding fast to God's promise of provision. As a family we are called to help one another. I am pledging $50 a month for one year starting March 2014 to help save this faithful pastor's ministry. Won't you commit to help also? Any amount is appreciated and the Lord sees your giving heart of obedience.  For information on how to help, please email me at [email protected] or click on any of the comment links on this website and leave me a message, AND PLEASE click on the "Your Voice" tab on the navigation bar and read the determined plea for prayer I was sent from this Woman of God! Thank you and God Bless You All....

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